Prep 2017

Term 2 2017

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- School hats are compulsory in Terms 1 & 4. 

- Assembly takes place every Friday morning at 9am.


Term 2 Inquiry

This term we will be looking at different emotions through our inquiry unit ‘Hooked On A Feeling’. Students will understand and communicate the physical signs of different emotions and will have a better understanding of a variety of calming and other strategies that can help them act in an appropriate manner.



This term we are focussing on counting by 1s 2s, 5s and 10s, number names and numerals to 20, ordinal number, location, rainbow facts, smallest to largest and 2D shapes.



Some concepts we will be exploring this term include comprehension strategies such as predicting, visualising, text to text, text to self and inferring. This term the focus for writing will be using letter/sound knowledge to attempt to spell unknown words, correct spelling of known words from individual word lists and punctuation such as capital letters and full stops. All students will be encouraged to include spaces between their words and be able to re read what has been written.

Handwriting will focus on correct formation and use of lower and upper case letters.


Take Home Books and Magic Words

It is wonderful to see the Prep students reading their take home readers and Magic Words every night. The children have the opportunity to change their readers daily. Reading take home books should be a positive experience that fosters a life long love of reading. The children are tested regularly on their automatic recall of Magic Words.




We believe that good communication between school and home is a vital part of keeping your child’s education on track. Please make sure that you read the school newsletter, Tintalk every week to ensure that you are kept up to date about what is happening in the school. This will be sent home on a Thursday by Prep children and will be found in their Take Home Book Bag.


If you have any questions or concerns and you are not able to come up and see your child’s teacher please feel free to contact us by email.



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